The FLCCC (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance says treat right away upon symptoms, do not wait for a positive test. I’m in a group where a doctor said he had a patient in ICU because she thought it was “just allergies” and waited for a full week before she came to him for treatment.


Here is a good article on recognizing symptoms, in case you are vaccinated, and in case you are not vaccinated.

From June 2021: What are the new top 5 COVID symptoms? (From The Zoe Covid Study, UK) [Note: This is before Omicron which was detected in the UK in November 2021]

Here is a list of symptoms included in the AAPS Covid Patient guide, dated February 2022 [Note – Omicron first detected in the US in November 2021] page 10 in the following pdf: (screenshot below)

Please pay attention – this list is excellent!

From April 2022: List of symptoms from the Zoe Project (UK)

Covid symptoms: ZOE Covid Study shares 20 key signs of illness

The ZOE Covid study says the following 20 symptoms are the key signs of infection people should look for, with the most commonly reported symptoms listed first:

  • Runny nose (82%)
  • Fatigue (mild and severe) (70%)
  • Sore throat (69%)
  • Headache (69%
  • Sneezing (68%)
  • Persistent cough (54%
  • Hoarse voice (47%)
  • Chills or shivers (36%)
  • Unusual joint pains (33%)
  • Other (33%)
  • Fever (32%)
  • Dizzy (30%)
  • Brain fog (28%)
  • Eye soreness (25%)
  • Altered smell (24%)
  • Unusual muscle pain (23%)
  • Lower back pain (23%)
  • Swollen glands (21%)
  • Skipped meals (18%)
  • Ear ringing (18%)

5/16/22: Dr Darrel DeMello shared the following on social media.

Omicron, its variants, and their sub lineages.

Omicron has variants:

BA1 – has its own sub lineages [Note: BA 1 refers to the original Omicron]

BA2 – has its own sub lineages

For BA1, BA2 and their sub lineage, there is no lung involvement.

Symptoms seen are:

Group 1: Mild Fever, Scratchy sore throat, Dry Hacking Cough, Myalgia/ Body Pain

Group 2: GI symptoms Nausea, Vomitting, Acidity, Diarrhea, Colicky Pain Abdomen

BA4 and BA5 – currently don’t have much information about these.

Whichever variant one gets infected with, for any of these variants, Existing Early Treatment Protocols work very well.

Every patient needs to take treatment with drugs such as Colchicine, IVM, Clopidogrel, Pepcid/ Famotidine, Cetrizine/ Zyrtec from Early Treatment Protocols.

Taking nothing or only Paracetamol and or Vitamins is not adequate to prevent long Covid.

Am seeing individuals with history of mild Covid from January to April 2022 come to me with symptoms of Long Covid.

Please get treated when you have Acute Covid.

Also from this article in The Mint on 5/16/22:

 What are the most common symptoms of Omicron BA.2?  

Studies in the UK reveal (where stealth Omicron is already spreading at a high rate) that people infected with the sub-variant show gut-related symptoms. 

“We know that this virus travels to different parts of the body. It’s possible that Omicron or another variant is attacking the gut. And this would not be showing in the nose – so you could have a gut infection but not show up as positive,” Tim Spector, ZOE Covid Symptom Study’s Professor, told The Sun. 

What are the patients experiencing? 

On being infected, patients are complaining of six gut-related sicknesses -Nausea, Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Abdominal pain, Heartburn, Bloating. 

Previously, the Zoe COVID app had notified Diarrhea as a symptom for COVID but categorized it as a “less well-known” one. 

Not sure if you have Covid? Hesitant to start using your meds in case it’s something else?

In Florida, New York and Texas you can schedule testing to come to your house:

Be well, do well, stay well!