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This is the discovery that started me on my information-sharing endeavor (original post by this title was in September 2021). This started it all, from sending emails to friends, to collecting more usable information to share, to expanding my email list to hundreds, to creating this website for ease of sharing.

Last night I caught an interesting comment from this man in a Facebook group, so I reached out to him, and boy, am I glad I did!

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO at the bottom of this email after you are done reading. The first 30 minutes are about the protocol, then 30 minutes of questions.

He called me on FB Messenger this morning and we chatted for a while. Turns out he’s a doctor (I did not know) and he was calling me from Mumbai, India.

Dr DeMello started describing his protocol to me. Yes, he does use Ivermectin, but far less than we hear from FLCCC (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance).

His favorite drug is COLCHICINE, an anti-inflammatory drug that is normally used for gout.

He uses it daily at low dosage for prevention in addition to weekly Ivermectin. For active cases, the dosages are increased.

I’m going to try to give you some highlights of this video, but you should watch it in its entirety. If you want to learn more, Dr DeMello has other videos on YouTube with “Dr Been” (this is the internet nickname for Dr Mobeen Syed).

His mantra is: Covid is a CLOTTING disease and an INFLAMMATORY disease.  He says chasing the virus is less important, and two days of Ivermectin he believes is enough for that purpose in an active case.

He loves Colchicine because it’s an anti-inflammatory that also prevents micro-clotting at the cellular level (the video gets into that). He says the irritant of Covid normally starts up a chain of clotting, affecting the nerve endings, hence a lot of pain everywhere. (I have heard someone say their ear lobes were hurting, some say their bones were hurting, some that it was painful just to have contact with their bed while lying down.)

And on top of that, if you are getting the vaccine, he suggests taking Colchicine a week before and after, to prevent reactions (myocarditis, blood clots, etc.) This alone, I think, was well worth learning, for just in case.

 Dr DeMello says herd immunity will only ever be achieved through natural infections. His goal is to keep everyone healthy, alive, and with less severe symptoms through the process. He talks about himself having had Covid with no symptoms – you should know that this happened before he was vaccinated (i.e., he is not congratulating the vaccine for this, but rather his prophylaxis with Colchicine and his having high Vitamin D levels). Being immune, he later told me that the reason for his getting vaccinated was to get through travel restrictions.

In the video, he says he prescribes Fluvoxamine (an anti-depressant) to his patients if they are past 30 days and have certain symptoms remaining. (He’s not the only one, it’s also on FLCCC protocol) *Note: On 1/25/22 Dr DeMello told me that he essentially no longer prescribes Fluvoxamine. “Very occasionally…in the last 100 patients, only 1 is showing response to it. You can edit out of your post”.

I had multiple emails and conversations with him, and he explained that he writes orders to his pharmacy to send out a package which will take 5-10 working days to get to you:

“Happy to request the local pharmacy in Mumbai to put together a package and ship to you. It takes approximately 5-10 working days to get to you.

It will contain Ivermectin, colchicine, clopidogrel, diclofenac, dexamethasone, cetrizine and famotadine.

He can also send a package without ivermectin if you already have this in stock, or have other avenues to get it from (see here and here for recommendations).

US customs have been difficult if his package contains ivermectin, due to the fact that he has to list every item in the package. However, if you have a foreign passport and reside in the US, it’s no problem.

I have compared the cost of buying these meds straight from an online pharmacy in India versus ordering from Dr DeMello. I believe the difference is about $75 more expensive to get them through him. However, I would recommend going that way, because he is very open to answering your questions, and treats you with care and interest at all times. He would be very willing to help you if you got confused about symptoms, etc.

I have put all the details on how to order from Dr DeMello in a separate post, with some questions and answers regarding his protocol included. (See post “Dr DeMello Instructions

Update 1/14/21: Due to the FDA getting more involved in international shipments that contain Ivermectin, I recommend discussing another option with Dr DeMello. I suggest getting the package of his medications MINUS the Ivermectin, so he won’t have to list it in the contents. Ivermectin is easy to get from a local doctor through telemedicine and also to get in quantity (although slower) from the big sellers in India who just label their shipments as “health products” (Dr DeMello has to list everything per the requirements of his medical license.) One new source of ivermectin from India, which I have added to that post, can actually get you the ivermectin in a few days or less.

I’m personally very excited about this colchicine (you would need a prescription to get it in the USA)  as an additional weapon against Covid damage.

My personal plan is to stay on Ivermectin for prophylaxis: Dr DeMello recommends taking colchicine as well as Ivermectin for prophylaxis, with the role of the colchicine not being preventative, but as an anti-inflammatory base line, should you get infected. My personal decision was to stay with Ivermectin only. However, I am super thrilled to add colchicine to my arsenal, I would take it immediately if I got sick. Also, super excited about its ability to handle the clotting side effects of vaccine, if ever my back is to the wall, or my husband is somehow forced into it for travel and business. (Note: I helped someone with colchicine to prevent side effects of the vaccine, and they came through just fine. For my family, this would be an absolute last resort, and we are not there yet and probably won’t be.)

Update 1/15/21: In conversations with Dr DeMello recently, he used a metaphor that really illuminates his treatment for Covid. He told me that the Ivermectin is equivalent to going out to the back yard to shoot the criminal intruders (perhaps we should call them arsonists), and the Colchicine is like a fire retardant (fire extinguisher). He said he likes to build a safe house with fire retardant walls – hence, his using Colchicine for prophylaxis. Dr DeMello says it takes 3-7 days to build up Colchicine levels in the blood. I think if I knew my exposure was going to go up, as in traveling or other situations, I would start taking Colchicine preventatively a week before until I was in the clear. *1/23/22: with the advent of Omicron and how contagious it is, I have been taking colchicine three days a week for a few weeks now.

Update 1/23/22: A friend recently posted his success story about working with Dr. DeMello through Covid. Please read it here as it illuminates the importance of being prepared and using the right protocol.

“Back in August/Sept last year [2021], when many of my friends were getting hit hard with the Delta variant it was evident that it was many times more severe than the prior waves of Covid. Particularly for men 50 years old +, even those with no other comorbidity. I had already been following the preventative protocols of the FLCCC and had Ivermectin and HCQ on hand in case of infection. But, sensing this would not be enough, I started to look for what else was out there as far as early treatment. Thanks to Mimi, she had sent me a video of a zoom interview of Dr. Darrell DeMello. In the interview, Dr. DeMello (who has to date treated 14,000 Covid patients, many via telemedicine) explained how he early on in 2020 had reversed engineered the cycle of the Covid disease as it affects the body. He discovered that Covid was not simply a viral respiratory disease as was being promoted by the mainstream medical monopoly, but in fact was much more. He found, after the initial viral load (within a week) the disease progresses into an inflammatory and blood clotting disease. The inflammation affects several parts of the body including the lungs which can lead to pneumonia. Concurrent with the inflammation, micro clotting occurs which has lead to strokes and much of the Covid fatalities. Covid is an inflammation and clotting disease. Most people are not aware of this and only assess their condition on how they feel from the first few days of the initial effects from the viral load. But, unbeknownst to them, the inflammation and clotting stage has started and begins to manifest around days 5-8. This is manifested with O2 percentages that drop below 95 (95-100 normal), difficulty breathing and chest pain. Without early treatment this progression can become very severe, and life threatening. After Dr. DeMello isolated these additional aspects of the disease, he researched and found the most effective, potent and safest drugs possible to prevent the inflammatory and clotting phases. For inflammation, he uses Colchicine, a powerful anti-inflammatory used safely for decades and Plavix (Clopidogrel) as the anti-coagulant, also been around for decades. He uses Ivermectin to kill the virus within 48 hrs. He also has a few other drugs that he recommends as part of his protocol, if they are needed. He’s treated 14,000 patients and less than 100 had to be admitted to the hospital. I reached out to Dr. DeMello in late September and he sent me his entire protocol to have on hand. Time is of the essence and treatment, to be the most effective, needs to start at first symptoms. Last month my entire family caught the Delta variant (or a delta descendant) of Covid. Having the meds on hand, we all started treatment immediately. Dr DeMello, available via WhatsApp, guided each of us through with the proper dosages and things to do to minimize the duration and severity. While it was a bit tougher for me, we all got through it relatively smoothly including my 85 year old step mom. The Omicron variant, generally considered mild still lands many vulnerable people in the hospital, is treated with the same meds but perhaps less dosages as determined by Dr. DeMello. I recommend to my friends, until there are local doctors who embrace this protocol and can prescribe and deliver it within 24 hrs, to reach out to Dr. DeMello and get his kit of drugs now (they are cheap) to have on hand and not wait as they take 5 days to be delivered. Here is a recent article mentioning Dr. DeMello and his protocol. His interviews are also available on YouTube. His # is +91 77180 79507. You can text or call him via WhatsApp.”

From the article mentioned above:

“Researchers knew fairly early in the pandemic that COVID infections progressed through several stages marked by specific symptoms treatable with a slew of safe, FDA-approved medications.

For example, it was known in March 2020 that the illness progressed from a viral phase to massive inflammation across the body. Anti-inflammatory drugs – such as colchicine, the choice of Dr. DeMello in Mumbai – could have been administered at clinicians’ discretion.

By June 2020 it was known that COVID could cause major blood clotting. The blood thinner Plavix, another choice of Dr. DeMello, is commonly used to prevent and treat clotting.”


Dr DeMello mentions micro clotting in his video. This recent article published by Loma Linda University explains how it happens.

“Loma Linda University Health researchers say severely ill COVID-19 patients likely die as the result of micro clots formed in the lungs that spread to cause deadly damage to organs throughout the body.”

“Once the clotting process begins, the body is no longer fighting against the virus but mostly against the clotting process instead, the study’s researchers said.”

Enjoy the video:


Be well, do well, stay well!