The resources in this post have landed in my path over the last year. I am sharing them here for your own research and evaluation. I have not researched each item individually, but if I needed these solutions, I would take these links as a starting point and research more thoroughly. You might like some, but not all. That’s OK. I am not endorsing any one remedy over another, I have not tried them myself, as I have not been in a situation where I needed them. This is for you. I know some of you are desperate. I hope this helps. I would love to hear feedback in the future if you decide to try anything you find here. Thank you.

Can the spike protein still be present past the acute infection?

Scientific American published this article on July 21, 2022:

People with Long COVID May Still Have Spike Proteins in Their Blood

“…researchers reported detecting a fragment of SARS-CoV-2 in blood samples from long COVID sufferers up to a year after their original infection. The fragment is a spike protein, one of the protrusions around the outside of SARS-CoV-2 that give this coronavirus its namesake corona, or crownlike appearance. During an initial COVID infection, the spike protein typically breaks off into smaller pieces when it penetrates human cells, but the spike proteins observed in this study were still in one piece.”

The World Council for Health published a Spike Protein Detox Guide with thorough explanations of the factors involved in Long Covid and in post vaccination illness due to the spike protein. They offer a long and comprehensive list of remedies to facilitate detox.

“Supporting people with Long Covid and post-vaccine illness is a new and emerging field of health research and practice. The following lists contain substances that may be useful. This list has been compiled by international doctors and holistic practitioners with diverse experiences in helping people recover from Covid-19 and post-injection illness.”

Natural News has the following article on pine needle tea/extract:

Is pine needle tea the answer to covid vaccine shedding / transmission? Learn about suramin, shikimic acid and how to make your own extracts

There is a potential antidote to the current spike protein contagion which is called Suramin. It’s found in many forests around the world, in Pine needles. Suramin has inhibitory effects against components of the coagulation cascade and against the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA. Excessive coagulation causes blood clots, mini-clots, strokes, and unusually heavy menstrual cycles.

Pine needle tea is one of the most potent anti-oxidants there is and it’s known to treat cancer, inflammation, stress and depression, pain and respiratory infections. Pine tea also kills parasites.

Update 9/7/22:

Here is a product I found with good reviews which seems easier than making your own tea or extract:

You can get it here:

Here is another brand suggested by a friend.

Here is a study connecting shikimic acid (found in pine needle extract) to both curing and preventing viral influenza.,A%20and%20influenza%20B%20infections.

“Shikimic acid is a primary progenitor of the pharmaceutical manufacturing as antiinfluenza drug oseltamivir. Oseltamivir is marketed under the brand name Tamiflu. It is a potential antiviral medicine used to cure and prevent influenza A and influenza B infections.”

Here is a more conservative article at on the benefits of pine needle tea, with a link to published research:

“…pine needles steeped in hot water readily released shikimic acid, one of the key ingredients in the antiviral drug Tamiflu, though of course a cup of pine needle tea will have only a tiny amount of this compound compared to a dose of Tamiflu.” (from research at the University of Maine.)

This site has the following article: Possible Ways to Neutralise Spike Protein Damage from COVID Vaccines

This article is dense and might contain some ideas you will want to reject. That’s OK. You might find some parts believable, and others less so. My advice is to take what you like and leave the rest.

Life Site News has the following article which I found very readable and well-documented:

Here’s how to detox from the COVID spike protein – from the jab or the virus

Why should you consider a spike protein detox?

“Spike proteins can circulate in your body after infection or injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs. “Spike protein is a deadly protein,” Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist and trained epidemiologist, says in a video. It may cause inflammation and clotting in any tissue in which it accumulates.”

The Epoch Times published the following article on February 26, 2022 by Joseph Mercola:

How to Detox Spike Protein After COVID or Vaccine

Whether you’ve had a COVID injection or the natural infection, you likely have dangerous spike protein remaining in your tissues and organs, including your brain.

The Epoch Times also published this article on May 22, 2022:

Spike Protein Detox: 6 Main Medicines and Natural Compounds

“Some patients who were infected with the SARS-CoV-2 have had difficulty getting rid of some symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, and heart pain. This prolonged condition is known as “long COVID.”

However, some people who have had COVID vaccinations rather than infection have similar symptoms.

This is due to the spike proteins that remain in the body after both after vaccination or infection with the virus.

Spike proteins are the “keys” to viral invasion of our cells, so we will discuss how the spike proteins work, antidotes to detoxify spike proteins, and nutrients that inhibit their toxic effect.”

The following article by Dr Thomas Levy was published October 18, 2021:

Canceling the Spike Protein – Striking Visual Evidence

“No issue in the history of medicine has been as strident and polarized as that of the risk/benefit profiles of the various COVID vaccines being administered around the world. This article does not seek to clarify this issue to the satisfaction of either the pro-vaccine or the anti-vaccine advocates. However, all parties should realize that some toxicity does result in some vaccinated individuals some of the time, and that such toxicity can sometimes be unequivocally attributed to the preceding administration of the vaccine. Whether this toxicity occurs often enough and with great enough severity in vaccinated persons to be of greater concern than dealing with the contraction and evolution of COVID infections remains the question for many people.”

The following article of November 4, 2021 by Dr Alina Lessenich is clear and readable, with good documentation:

Detox Protocol COVID Vaccines/Protection From Shedding

“…This protocol is intended to help vaccinated people to protect themselves from the negative effects of the COVID vaccination and to help them detox the vaccine as much as possible. Furthermore, this protocol can also be used by unvaccinated people to protect themselves from the so-called “shedding phenomenon”, i.e., symptoms occurring in unvaccinated people after they`ve been in contact with someone who has been vaccinated”

There are two situations where the spike protein still needs to be handled, and FLCCC has two different protocols:

I-RECOVER Long COVID Treatment

I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment

Update 10/18/22:

The Epoch Times published an article today summarizing FLCCC treatment of Covid vaccine injuries:

COVID-19 Vaccine Injury, Syndrome Not a Disease: FLCCC Conference Shares How to Treat It

Spike Injury: A Multi-System Disease

Spike protein-induced diseases are diseases driven by a prolonged exposure to spike proteins. Patients can be exposed to these spike proteins through infection (long COVID) or COVID-19 vaccination (post-vaccination injury syndrome).

Since the two conditions are both driven by the same stimulus, there is a high degree of overlap in mechanism and symptoms, often affecting multiple tissues and organs.

The spike proteins are small enough to travel in blood vessels. They are highly inflammatory, with strong evidence of autoimmunity and crossing the blood-brain barrier, and therefore can trigger disease in a host of systems and organs.

Dr Kory listed six different treatment strategies for spike protein-induced diseases.

The six strategies are: expelling spike protein, reducing inflammation, reducing micro-clotting, reducing mast cell activation, reducing viral persistence or activation, and recovery of the mitochondria.

Here is a graphic from the article, and the link to read it.

Update 12/20/22:

Below is additional information on N-A-C (mentioned and recommended in several of the links above).

8 reasons to love N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

(published by the FLCCC Alliance)

“Truly a heavy-hitter, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) has proven itself for decades and helped save countless lives during this pandemic (at the same time that the FDA was trying to ban its distribution).”

8 reasons to love N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

(End of update 12/20/22)

Update 1/15/23:

I want to emphasize these special enzymes which I cover in another post (below).

Non-Pharmaceutical Solutions: Proteolyctic Enzymes:

Nattokinase, Lumbrokinase and Serrapeptase

Proteolytic enzymes (proteases) are enzymes that break down protein (including spike protein).

Please look for more information on these enzymes in the bottom half of this post:

Update 1/31/23:

Is there a simple solution that provides relief from spike protein injury?

Yes, here is an article that will introduce you to a nutritional product that combines a variety of the elements needed for relief:

SPIKE Protein Detoxifier formulation to manage LONG COVID as well as the amount of COVID vaccine mRNA spike protein in your body & inhibit effects & blood vessel blockage, supporting T-cell activity

“People all around the world are suffering from the prolonged effects of a respiratory infection or other exposure to the spike protein. In these cases, it is essential to have a formula to protect your body against shedding and spiked protein exposure. Dr. VanDeWater’s Spike Recovery Formula was developed to help inhibit and neutralize spike proteins, as well as aid the body in recovering and healing from a possible spike injury. The ingredients were chosen by conducting in-depth research to create a well-formulated supplement with a variety of benefits.”

Purchasing information:

Lastly, I want to remind you that I am not a doctor, and I am not advising you as a doctor about any medical treatment.

However, I know a doctor, Dr Darrell DeMello, who would confidently treat your spike protein illness (whether post infection or post vaccine) with traditional medicine. He would likely address the clotting component of your illness first and foremost, as well as the general inflammation which results from clotting and can affect any organ, including the brain.

You can read about Dr DeMello and his protocol here:

Be well, do well, stay well!