I have gotten a whole lot of messages asking me which docs to use.

I find the names in various directories.

The person messaging me is often overwhelmed, so I cull out a name or two or three, and tell them to call pharmacies first to check on stock, because when you contact a doctor they want to know which pharmacy. If you only have unwilling pharmacies around you, locate a compounding pharmacy.

The FLCCC is pretty mad about some pharmacies blocking prescriptions, so they wrote a whole guide on how to embarrass them into filling your prescription. 

I tell them to use GoodRX for discount if insurance doesn’t cover: You can adjust the number of pills after you find the right page for Ivermectin, for example, so your coupon matches your prescription. I just filled a prescription for 40 pills and the price went from $280 to $60.

A lot of the doctors in these directories work under the umbrella of Push Health, a telemedicine company.

Here is something to know regarding Push Health:

I have emailed with a Nurse Practitioner who is a provider there (she treats patients with telemedicine) and she explained to me how they work.

Each doctor or NP has their own practice and make their own choice whether or not to prescribe Ivermectin. There is no company-wide policy.

Yes, some practitioners who used to prescribe it have stopped, due to FDA opinions. Some still prescribe it.

If you have been a client before, and your provider stopped prescriptions of Ivermectin, and a friend tells you of another link that worked for them, you will not be immediately able to change providers. If you use your friend’s link, Push Health remembers who you are and puts you right back with your original provider (who no longer prescribes).

However, there is a way around this, you can email Push Health and ask to be “unpaired” from your prior provider. You can say you are looking for a second opinion. Their rule is that you can only be paired with one provider at a time.

When looking at these directories you should scroll to your country or your state – not all doctors are licensed to prescribe in all states. Some doctors are licensed for multiple states.

Directory of doctors (I’ve used this one a lot) here. (https://www.exstnc.com/)

FLCCC Directory of doctors: https://covid19criticalcare.com/providers/

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Directory of doctors here.

From Truth for Health Foundation , a directory of doctors.

Summary of Available Telemedicine Options for Early Treatment Protocols

https:// FrontlineMDs.com

List #2 Independent Practices:

List #3 of Independent Practices (includes non-US
options and additional regional telemedicine
https://www.exstnc.com/ (I’ve used this one a lot)

FLCCC List: https://covid19criticalcare.com/guidefor-this-website/how-to-get-ivermectin/


Find contact information for over 100 prescribing clinicians on this list maintained by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). (Same list as above)



Update 1/8/22:

In addition to the directories above, I thought I would single out a few names that could work as your first choice, and provide more information that might be useful.

I very recently heard that Dr Peter Hibberd was a good choice, spent a half hour on the phone in consultation, prescribed differently for different members of the family based on their symptoms, and included anti-clotting medicine where needed (He gets a star from me for this!*)

(561) 655-4477;  (561) 725-2356 (text)

 (States: FL, TX, CA, IL, CT, IN, KY)

Push Health: If you are planning to use Push Health, do NOT start with the general website, which might match you, based on your zip code, with a doctor who does not prescribe Ivermectin. Then it’s a hassle, they keep trying to send you to the same doctor, you have to email customer service that you want to be “unpaired” from that particular doctor before they let you connect with a new one. (Note, there is no site-wide policy regarding Ivermectin, the choice is the physician’s. Some prescribe it, some don’t.) Instead, start with a name that you know prescribes Ivermectin based on your friends’ recommendations, preferably start with the doctor’s link. For example, Patrick Curry, RN, prescribes Ivermectin on Push Health. He also has a physical office in Palm Harbor, FL, which could be convenient for local Florida friends. The way you get to him is by searching “Patrick Curry Push Health” and you get this link:


Another Push Health doctor that prescribed Ivermectin to a friend was Felecia Sumner- not sure what states she covers, I think this prescription was for Florida.


Some more contacts that worked for friends:



Do NOT contact CNL on push health, they will not prescribe Ivermectin.

So, NOT this one: https://www.pushhealth.com/practices/107749/new-patients/cnlmed

For telemedicine appointments for residents of KS, MO, and NE, this Push Health nurse can prescribe early treatment. I know her from a group I’m in on Facebook:


If you want fast VIP service for a price, Synergy Health and The James Clinic (Dr Mollie James) can provide what you need. They are both recommended by front line doctors.


I believe Synergy Health has a compounding pharmacy that they work with in FL.


In Florida, Vanessa Hamalian, NP (941) 253-2530  latitudeclinic.com.  She will send your prescription to this compounding pharmacy https://www.uptownchemist.com/ and the pharmacy can send the medication to you overnight. They can probably also transfer the prescription to a pharmacy of your choice. If you are following the FLCCC protocol, you will find that Vanessa prescribes triple daily doses as recommended by FLCCC, which I believe most telemedicine docs don’t do.

Here is a GREAT ARTICLE about Vanessa Hamalian and her success with Covid Early Treatment. (Please note that the article mentions Fluvoxamine: You should know this is an anti-depressant with correspondent side effects.)

Also in Florida, located in Largo, this doctor is more outside the box – I heard she prescribes Ivermectin and also offers drip vitamin therapies and ozone therapy. Dr. Mitchell https://www.healingrestored.com/

Update 1/17/22:

Also, a brand new clinic in Florida,

clinic: https://www.americasclinic.com/

I hope these names help. There are many more in the directories above, but I know it can be overwhelming.

And after you’ve got a basic supply that you can use right away for prevention or if you were to immediately get sick, I suggest strongly that you order a large supply from India – it’s cheaper, and you’ll be more than ready, and your friends will love you.

Click here for instructions:

Update 2/16/22:

Dr Pierre Kory, co-founder of FLCCC, is now delivering telehealth consultations!

This is the “Cadillac” of telehealth for anyone following the FLCCC protocols, also at “Cadillac” prices.

They will consult and prescribe for prevention, early treatment, Long Covid and vaccine reactions.


(I personally follow the protocols of Dr DeMello to address any of the same issues.)

Update 7/26/22:

No prescription needed in Tennessee!

This pharmacy will ship ivermectin to you.  http://gomedicinecounter.com

I have not used this pharmacy, so I don’t know how long it takes to get to you. I can tell you that the price is not the best, so keep in mind this comparison: this pharmacy above sells 50 pills of 12 mg for $365. I can get 100 pills of 12 mg for $160 from the source called Help the People Heal in this other link on Indian pharmacies. 


Update 7/31/22:

A list of pharmacies in Tennessee – call to confirm they will ship to your state.

About the Tennessee Law

“On April 22, 2022 Senate Bill 2188 was signed into law in Tennessee. The law allows pharmacists and physicians to enter into private “Collaborative Agreements” to sell ivermectin over-the-counter after consultation with the pharmacist. Below is information about the law and pharmacies that have now entered such agreements and will sell ivermectin OTC, following the requirements within the law.”


Update 12/17/23:

The above TN pharmacy now only ships within TN. but they responded to email with a suggestion to try this other pharmacy:

Update 11/12/23:

Another resource for getting ivermectin is this pharmacy – they provide you with a prescription when you place your order.

I’m adding this mostly for those of you who are in a hurry, perhaps don’t want to buy from a foreign country, and don’t mind paying more.

For cheaper resources, see:

Be well, do well, stay well!