Dr DeMello is very responsive, especially on WhatsApp (his contact info is included in this post) and if there is anything in these instructions that you would like to clarify, do not hesitate to contact him. “What time is it in Mumbai, India?” is a question I Googled frequently as I would send him a message and wonder if he was awake to receive it. You might find yourself doing the same thing!

This post follows after “Dr DeMello Protocol” post – you should read that one first:


Q: Please tell me about importing meds?

A: Hello Mimi,

Thank You for reaching out.

Suggest to see my video interviews with Dr Mobeen Syed aka Dr Been on YouTube.

Happy to request the local pharmacy in Mumbai to put together a package and ship to you. It takes approx 5-10 working days to get to you.

It will contain:

Ivermectin 12 mg … 100 tablets

Colchicine 0.5mg … 300 tablets

Clopidogrel 75 mg .. 60 tablets

Diclofenac 50 mg … 60 tablets

Dexamethasone 0.5mg …60 tablets

Total cost will be *Indian Rupees 25000/-* for medications and courier charges

[He later says that’s $350]

Should the shipment get blocked or confiscated by customs, the loss will be borne by you.

There will be no refund of fees paid by you.

If this is acceptable please connect with me on whatsapp +91-7718079507

Will require a copy of your passport + address +telephone number of the person to whom the shipment is to be made to.

Dr Darrell DeMello

This is standard payment guidelines for someone paying from outside India.

If someone is paying from abroad,

If from UK or Europe suggest to use

*Transfer wise* to transfer money to my account

If from USA suggest to use Xoom.com or Transfer Wise or western union for direct transfer from patients account to my account. [Xoom is easy, connects to your PayPal]

*If from Canada suggest to use Remitly or Xoom.com or Transfer Wise*

Please pay/ transfer to the account below.

First Name: Darrell

Last Name: DeMello

Address line 1: Row House 1, Avon Plaza 2,

Address Line 2:

Thakur Complex, Kandivali East,

City: Mumbai

State: Maharashtra

Pin code 400101

Phone: +91-7718079507

Email address: darrelldemello@gmail.com

Bank Acount details.             

The Saraswat Coperative Bank Ltd.                         

Branch address:

Shop no12 & 13, Vaishnav Villa, near Avenue Hotel,

Thakur Complex, Kandivali East, Mumbai 400101                                     

Name : Darrell DeMello

Account Number: 412200100002411



Q: I asked if he had enough supplies for 40 of my friends:

A: Regarding your friends, the Pharmacy has no problem sourcing and supplying the medications.

If there is a problem it is the US FDA that can cause a problem.

Its easiest for me to have individuals contact me through whatsapp at 

either of these two numbers




Legally I can only make suggestions by sharing my experiences with various protocols.

I have designed protocols for:

1. Prophylaxis for Covid 

2. Treatment of Acute Covid

3. Prophylaxis for Vaccination to avoid the side effects of Vaccination.

Q: How is the payment made, in US dollars?

I thought Ivermectin was OTC in India. Is the prescription for the other meds?

Do you have instructions on dosage of which meds for prophylaxis snd for active cases?

Lastly, out of curiosity, how did you know you were positive while asymptomatic? We’re you testing regularly?

The passport photo gets sent by email?

Thank you for all your help. 

A: How is the payment made, in US dollars?

If made in USD it will be approximately 350 usd

I thought Ivermectin was OTC in India. Is the prescription for the other meds?

The prescription + Invoice + Declaration + Copy of my documents resident card etc + Copy of your passport are required by UPS courier to present to India Customs on exit and to present to Customs in USA on entry.

Do you have instructions on dosage of which meds for prophylaxis and for active cases?

I usually give that after the package has neen received by the Receiver.

Lastly, out of curiosity, how did you know you were positive while asymptomatic? We’re you testing regularly?

I used to test my blood for Covid Antibodies every month. Once I crossed the threshold I stopped testing from Dec’ 20 to May’21 ..then saw a 10 time increase in May and a higher number now in August.

The passport photo gets sent by email?


Q: If someone wanted to receive the Ivermectin in smaller doses, like 6 mg, would that be possible? Would it be 200 pills then?

A: No – I suggest to break into 2 pieces

Q:  Can you give me some information about vaccines – avoiding side effects? Do you have a video about this? Are the meds different than the ones you send out in your Covid prevention/active case package?


Vaccine Prophylaxis

Tab Colchicine 0.5mg or 0.6mg

2-0-0 x 5 days before the vaccine

2-0-1 x 7 days after the vaccine

Q: What does it mean: 2-0-0 and 2-0-1?

A: 2 tablets after breakfast and 1 tablet after dinner

Q: Do you know what your success rate is in getting through customs into the US? Is the package labeled as “gifts” or something like that?

I have about 60 friends interested so far, so I’m asking all the questions for them. Thank you!

A: The package is labelled as medications, has a prescription in the name of the person, with a genuine invoice from the pharmaceutical + my document – India Residence card.

Everything I do is above board.

I have had good success 80% of packages go through.

The best success is with individuals, who are USA citizens or Green Card holders, and who have a citizenship from a different country.

Update 9/20/21:

When I placed my order with Dr DeMello, this is what occurred.

Within a few days, UPS said my order was on the way for delivery at 7 PM, then when they didn’t deliver, I called them and they said oops, your order is held up in Kentucky by the FDA. I stayed on the line and made them get me the name and email of the FDA agent on the case.

I emailed the FDA agent, and she sent me the requirements to release my shipment: Either a letter from a doctor caring for me in the US explaining why meds from India were needed, or a letter from a doctor in India saying I was under their care, and proof of my travel to India.

I thought about this for a while, then I asked Dr DeMello to write me a letter that he was caring for me through telemedicine, he wrote the letter within a day.

This is what I sent to the agent:

Dear Ms Buckmon,

Please find attached a letter from my doctor, Dr. DeMello, regarding my treatment.

There is no travel evidence of my going to Mumbai, since we engaged in telemedicine, as do thousands of Americans in the US every day.

Please let me know the status of my shipment at your first convenience.



It worked! When I tracked my package next, I saw “Cleared Customs” and “Released by government agency”.

I received it a few days later.

Dr DeMello is really sweet, after I messaged him that my package was released, he was so happy that he called me and we talked for half an hour about Covid treatment.

I asked him again about his percentage of trouble with customs, and he said in the last week or so, he sent out ten packages and three were stopped (so close to the 80/20 ratio he had told me earlier). He was very happy with the way I pushed through, he said some people just give up.

Anyway, I’m obviously happy my package is coming, but also that he really is available for questions, and if I were to get sick, I’m certain I could reach him quickly and he would answer any treatment questions.

A friend ordered from Dr. DeMello on a Sunday, received his package no problem that Thursday. After hearing about the letter from Dr DeMello with which I secured the release of my package, he had asked Dr DeMello to provide him with a letter saying he was a telemedicine patient.

Dr. DeMello attached the letter to the Shipping Manifest (contents description). This handled everything! No hold up at customs.

If you order from Dr. DeMello, ask him to do the same for you.

Be well, do well, stay well!