This is a small practice doctor who has treated thousands without supplemental oxygen, without hospitalizations and without deaths.

Note: He uses a word that sounds like “Disnia” – he means “Dyspnea” – def: difficult or labored breathing.

He mentions a drug called Promethazine. This is an antihistamine H1 blocker. You can get something similar over the counter in the US. (Zyrtec)

Lesson: there are two types of antihistamines. H1 blocker and H2 blocker. Both types are available over the counter in the US.

Zyrtec (or Claritin)  is a H1 blocker, Pepcid is a H2 blocker. These belong in your Covid kit. I will add a study here, if you are technically inclined (or you can just go to the conclusions and read less).

(Note: a family member was sick, and on about day 7 she got a consultation with Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter, of Ft Lauderdale, FL.  A good doctor, one of only 4 that I know of at this time that treat patients with correct protocol in hospital. He immediately put her on Pepcid. She was already taking other things, but not this one.)

Dr Chetty talks about starting Ivermectin early (nothing new here), but he also explains how, when patients have a sudden set back on day 8, you are no longer fighting the virus, you are fighting inflammation.

However, Ivermectin can address inflammation of the lungs, as an anti-inflammatory. This is why it succeeds in Long Covid – clearing the lungs, not fighting a hidden remaining virus.

He talks about RCT (Random Controlled Trials) and how these are unethical in a pandemic. (This is because if you have a drug that cures people, keeping patients on placebo in the control group is tantamount to manslaughter.)

What he is looking out for on Day 8 (I would call it whatever day of downturn after initially feeling better) is a hypersensitivity reaction. His treatment of choice is Prednisone (a steroid). I have Dexamethasone (a steroid) in my kit. This is the one that is prescribed by MyFreeDoctor, and by Dr DeMello in India. I asked Dr DeMello yesterday why he prescribes Dexamethasone and nor Prednisone, he told me he likes it better (this was not a chance choice, it was deliberate) because the effects last longer.

Dr. Chetty talks about his treating with possible Prednisone at the 50-minute mark. He orders 80 mg/day for a week. I almost fell off my chair – sounded like a lot. He does say you need a large dose to treat Covid. I checked online, and such a dosage is sometimes prescribed. I would want to say here [NOT GIVING MEDICAL ADVICE] that if it were me, and if I had purchased the medicine on my own, and were self-medicating, I would create some sort of taper-down program. I looked at some Prednisone packs that I have around (might have gotten in the past for sinus infection) and the dosage was (5 mg each pill): 6 pills on day 1, 5 pills on day 2, 4 pills on day 3, 3 pills on day 4, 2 pills on day 5, 1 pill on day 6. So, if I were to self-medicate, I would create a taper down regimen. (Coming down hard off steroids has many sad side effects). So, I disagree with Dr. Chetty’s high dosage for a week with no tapering.

At the 58-minute mark he talks about dosing with Promethazine (antihistamine). He calls the 8th day, the allergy phase. (Hence, the need for anti-histamines and steroids). How do you recognize you are in the allergy phase? He says any symptoms of downturn after feeling better, no matter how mild, such as labored breathing, body aches and extreme fatigue – wanting to sleep all the time.

Please watch the video!

Please bear with the awful intro music. There is gold in this video.

You can search Dr. Chetty on YouTube and find additional (shorter) videos.

Supporting Study:

From the study: “Dual histamine receptor blockade with cetrizine [Zyrtec]-famotidine [Pepcid] reduces pulmonary symptoms in Covid-19 patients”

Be well, do well, stay well!