I just realized that some people might not know what to take, with what, and how much. Specifically, how much medication, such as Ivermectin, would a person need to have on hand in order to be prepared? That would be the starting point for knowing how much to order, if ordering in bulk from India.

The FLCCC seems to be everyone’s favorite (among my friends, anyway) to use as a stable datum. So, I will link them here first:

FLCCC Protocol for Prevention and Early Treatment.

You should look at the protocol for prevention (trying not to get Covid) and the separate protocol for early treatment (basically, any treatment you engage in before it’s “too late” and you need to be hospitalized.) The amount of Ivermectin to take was, in September 2021, raised for both protocols, due to the strength of the Delta variant of the virus.

0.2 mg per kilo is your basic dose according to your weight (in kilos – use Google to translate your pounds into kilos and a calculator to multiply by 0.2).

The prevention protocol used to be to take one dose of Ivermectin per week, basic dose, then they raised it to twice a week. (I’m still doing once a week, but my risk is low, I don’t socialize).

The treatment protocol used to be one dose per day, minimum 5 days, now it’s double or triple dose daily, minimum 5 days. Here’s the rub: I don’t think you can get that much prescribed to you by the teledocs in the US – in my experience they are being conservative and ordering 5 doses (not 5 pills, 5 doses per your weight) for an active case, not 15 doses which they should. (Let me know if your experience differs.) Therefore, it’s a good idea to order some in bulk to make sure you have enough.

Please note: In any protocol where you see Fluvoxamine, know that this is an anti-depressant like Prozac. Studies show that it is beneficial to the management of the virus and improves mortality rates, Just be aware of possible side effects.

Here are some additional protocols to give you an idea of possible dosage:

Dr Allan Landrito has a protocol. He also has an excellent video, “The Story of Ivermectin” on his site.

Dr Vladimir Zelenko is the doctor who treated Trump.

Check out his prophylaxis and his early treatment.

Dr DeMello has a protocol both for prophylaxis and for treatment. This is the one I will be using for myself. See my post about his protocol here.

Be well, do well, stay well!