Where does the word hyperbaric come from? The word hyperbaric comes from “hyper” (meaning “over, above, more than normal”) and “baric” (meaning “of weight or pressure”; “barus” is Greek for “heavy”) During hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), you breathe pure oxygen inside a highly pressured environment. Often, pressure in the chamber is between 1.5 and 3 times greater than normal air pressure.

The infographic below concentrates on wound care, but the basics apply to other purposes for hyperbaric oxygen treatment as well.

Aalto Medical Group

Here is an article dated February 23, 2021, from Aalto Hyperbaric Medical Group located in California: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and COVID-19

“Here is what we know about COVID-19: it infiltrates the respiratory system causing acute respiratory distress from complications ranging from lung mechanics failure to blood clots”

“Here is what we know about hyperbaric oxygen therapy: it oxygenates the blood helping to inhibit pulmonary inflammation, suppress respiratory secretions, and prevent coagulation or formation of blood clots.”

Here is an article from the Journal of Medical Case Reports, 15 February 2022: Hyperbaric oxygen treatment for long coronavirus disease-19: a case report

“We report the first case of successfully treated long COVID symptoms with hyperbaric oxygen therapy with improvements in cognition and cardiopulmonary function. The beneficial effects of hyperbaric oxygen shed additional light on the pathophysiology of long COVID. As this is a single case report, further prospective randomized control studies are needed.”

A more technical explanation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits regarding Long Covid can be found in this proposed clinical trial: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Post-COVID-19 Syndrome (HBOTpCOVID)

“Two main biological sequelae of COVID-19 might play a role in the pathogenesis of this syndrome. The first is hypercoagulability state accompanies acute infection. This is characterized by increased risk of small and large vessel occlusion and is associated with increased mortality [9]. Neurologic complications might be a result of micro-infarcts in the central of peripheral nervous system; The second is an uncontrolled inflammatory response, called cytokines storm. […] Thus, COVID-19 can cause neuroinflammation, that might be prolonged and lead to signs of post-COVID-19 syndrome.”

“The Micro-infarcts and neuroinflammation are important causes of local hypoxia, and specifically neurological hypoxia. One of the options to reverse hypoxia, reduce neuroinflammation and induce neuroplasticity is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)”

Two types of chambers:


Soft hyperbaric oxygen chambers are not FDA-approved to treat anything but mountain sickness, and they cannot provide the same level of benefits as hard-side HBOT chambers. They are usually constructed of some kind of plastic that is not rated to stand up to the pressures that are necessary to effectively deliver oxygen to the body. These chambers do not require a physician’s recommendation or signature to use, which means it’s possible to purchase a mild chamber for your own home.



The chamber walls are constructed of a clear, durable acrylic, so the patient can easily see the staff or the television screen nearby. This helps reduce the feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia that some patients my feel inside a chamber.

Update 2/21/23:

Here is a video with a panel of doctors discussing hyperbaric therapy

Discussing the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen in treating long-haul and post-vaccine injury


Interested in hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

It is just a matter of a quick internet search to find “Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment near me”.

Dr Allan Spiegel in my area in Florida is an example of a hyperbaric treatment facility. Search online for hyperbaric chambers near you if you are trying to alleviate your post-Covid symptoms.


A friend messaged me after her first hyperbaric treatment. This was after some intense respiratory and heart symptoms that turned on almost a year after her Covid infection.

“I wanted to tell you. I got the first hyperbaric oxygen treatment yesterday and it was the most significant change I’ve felt yet. Every symptom is down 50%. I can breathe again! Slept amazing last night. No more pressure on my chest. I’m actually astonished. Brain fog all gone.”

Be well, do well, stay well!