I started researching, collecting and sharing information on Covid-19 with this policy in mind: Look for and forward solutions. Don’t spread bad news idly, don’t forward the dangerous, the alarming, the defeatist news.

I’m going to say it right up front: I’m about to break this promise.

I think what I most object to, personally, is the constant barrage of “You won’t believe this!” and of “Secrets they are not telling you!”. And yet, I am glad that somewhere, I got enough data to inform my own decision.

I recently saw a Facebook post where someone asked for “data I can show someone regarding the vaccine”. So, some people are still looking in search of answers. This might not be you, but it might be your friend or neighbor, and here I am offering the material you need to answer their questions.

So, I ask you for a one-time pass.

My friend, Alain, has compiled the most important data in one place.

You can take a pass, and not read it, and you can always search for this post later, if the need comes up.

Here is what Alain would like you to know about this compilation:

“The data contained in this message may be alarming, shocking, or very uncomfortable for some. The individuals interviewed are not of a hyperbolic and exaggerating nature: they are scientists, doctors, lawyers, and other highly educated and trained professionals that refrain from sensationalization. And yet, the data may still be unpalatable and difficult to digest. Know that these individuals risk their careers, livelihoods, and possibly their lives in order to bring this information to the forefront. Their only interest is to help save lives and prevent onset of disability or illness. They are whistleblowers who are speaking out for you.”

“I share this with you for the very same reason: no matter the pressures and coercion you may face to get the j@b, this data is of vital interest to you so as to make an informed decision on the matter and choose wisely. If you do fear contracting COVID, solutions are offered here as well as alternatives to the j@b. A global perspective is offered as well.”

“The data includes prominent speakers as follows:

Dr. Zev Zelenko of ‘The Zelenko Protocol’ who treated president Trump and other prominent figures

Dr. Robert Malone (M.D.) who invented MRNA VACCINE technology and was very close with the FDA, got the j@b himself, and is very pro-vaccine (and yet…)

Grant Cardone – megastar and real estate tycoon 

Dr Madej – freedom health conference star and medical doctor / freedom fighter 

Mr Fulmich – world class trial lawyer who won lawsuit against giant Volkswagen during their emissions scandal and is leading a class action lawsuit to bring justice amidst this pandemic

And many more . . . “


Be well, do well, stay well!