Don’t miss my latest resources for ordering meds from overseas – see updates dated 9/9/22 and 1/8/23 at the bottom of this post!

You can get Colchicine, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and anything else from various pharmacies in India.

Prescriptions are not required. The big online pharmacies have a step where they ask you to upload your prescription but you can just skip that step and your order will still go through.

Shipping time varies. Being stopped at Customs is a possibility. A lot of vendors offer to replace your package for free if that happens and ask you to pay for shipping only to replace a lost package. You can see what their policies are or ask about it.

Payment: Some take PayPal, lots don’t. They ask for an “electronic check” and to enter your bank routing, account number etc., then sometimes also a photo of your completed paper check. Don’t freak out, if you were to mail them a check, they would have all that info on the face of the check.

The big pharmacies are:

People seem to have different experiences with shipping times, sometimes 2 weeks, sometimes a month. I have seen positive recommendations for both.

These large pharmacies are good at emailing you and tracking your package.

I have ordered from ReliableRX once, it took 5 – 6 weeks.

I have ordered from All Day Chemist twice: First order took 5 weeks, second order took two weeks.

Another source is Dr DeMello, see other posts for his protocol and instructions on how to order and contact him. I have ordered from him myself. His shipment usually takes a week.

Here is another pharmacy, no prescription required:

I have not used it myself. I noticed the delivery time is pretty fast (1-2 weeks) and the prices look good, but you should compare with the other pharmacies.

Also, it looks like they would replace your shipment if held up at customs.

Here are some things I saw they sell which might be of interest to you.

(This is not necessarily a list of what I am using for myself, nor do they have everything I might use for myself.)





Salbutamol (=Albuterol):


Update 12/14/21:

I believe the FDA is doing more inspections and stopping more ivermectin from being imported.

Dr DeMello, when he sends a package, follows all the rules in India which require him and his pharmacist to list the complete contents of the package, and the shipping list is verified on the way out of the country.

Dr DeMello’s packages are being stopped more frequently, IF THEY CONTAIN IVERMECTIN. I have recently received a large amount of other medications from Dr DeMello with no difficulties. This obstruction by the FDA was not as difficult a couple of months ago. I have friends who successfully ordered ivermectin and other meds from Dr DeMello and received them in a week. My package was held up at customs, and I had to obtain a letter from Dr DeMello to get it released. A friend experienced the same, a few weeks later, but was not able to get her package released even with the doctor’s letter. A more recent package of mine, also containing ivermectin, was stopped, and they demanded proof of having a foreign passport for delivery in the USA (in other words, they only want to control you if you only have an American passport). Lucky me, I happen to also have a foreign passport, which I scanned and emailed to them. My package was released two weeks later, so it took three weeks instead of one.

But, do not despair!

I don’t know how they do it, but the large pharmacies such as All Day Chemist seem to have no trouble with customs. I did notice in tracking my packages (I have had several from All Day Chemist and Reliable RX) that they seem to originate from a warehouse in Germany, so maybe they have a way to avoid the obstructions by doing that.

My suggestion is to order ivermectin from one of the larger pharmacies such as All Day Chemist or Reliable RX Pharmacy. Another resource is India Mart , it’s a lot of individual sellers on one web site and you need to shop around for prices and reviews – I personally found it overwhelming. Warning, once you make contact with a seller you will get tons of emails from other sellers with proposals – the only way to stop them is to delete your India Mart account. I’m not saying don’t try it or don’t do it – it just wasn’t for me.

Dr DeMello has his own protocol which I think is brilliant and is the one I follow. My suggestion, if you want to follow his protocol, is to get in touch with him and arrange to buy his recommended medications MINUS THE IVERMECTIN. You can discuss his current cost and price when you contact him, it would be less than the full price, obviously. Then also order as much ivermectin as you want from one of these large pharmacies. From the large pharmacies, it takes from 2 to 5 weeks to receive your order, with the majority of orders arriving in 3-4 weeks. In the meantime, if you do not want to get caught without needed ivermectin, contact a doctor who will prescribe it with telemedicine (available in the USA and other countries, see the list of doctors here) and let the doctor know you want it for prophylaxis.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to get an ivermectin package from Dr DeMello: a friend received hers with no difficulties three weeks ago. I’m just saying it’s risky.

I wish it were all more simple, but it’s not impossible to get yourself prepared.

Update 12/31/21:

I heard a rumor that “the FDA is now stopping all shipments of ivermectin from overseas”. That sounded wrong to me, so I tested it by ordering some ivermectin from All Day Chemist. I just received it with no problems. It took 18 days. The cost came to $0.50 per 3 mg, shipping included.

Update 9/9/22:

I have an additional source that I like.

They are faster (3 1/2 weeks for my delivery) compared to the larger pharmacies above (4 – 6 weeks for my deliveries).

They are a bit cheaper:

100 x 12 mg from this source is $110 with shipping, from the larger pharmacies it’s $125 with shipping.

They take PayPal, so the checkout is much easier, you don’t have to deal with check numbers etc.

My order came intact, legit brand, no problems.

They email you the tracking number as soon as they ship, and it’s very easy to keep tabs on your order.

You can order here:

Update 1/8/23:

Here is another source. I have not tried this vendor myself, and those brand names for ivermectin are not familiar to me, but I looked around online and I see them offered by other, larger vendors, and that would be enough for me to trust the item as legitimate. Their website goes into details about quality control.

Price: $190 for a box of 100 x 12 mg, definitely more expensive than the vendor above (“”) but with the advantage of faster shipping, originating from the US.

Payment: Credit cards

This is not medical advice. I have shared things I discovered on the Internet. These are not medical recommendations.

Be well, do well, stay well!