I am looking into Nigella Sativa and honey. I don’t know why these two were tested together, or why they are recommended together but that is how they were researched and presented.

A week ago, the doctors on the FLCCC Zoom call brought it up and recommended these: Nigella Sativa, honey (they did not specify which kind), and turmeric.

These supplements are now part of the FLCCC protocol. I was pretty impressed that Nigella Sativa can be used as an alternative to Ivermectin when Ivermectin is not available, or can be added to Ivermectin protocol for added protection! Guys! This is big! (and the studies show it – will get into that below)

Look at the photo below, under Ivermectin Alternative.

My favorite medical educator, “Dr. Been”, has a video where he goes over the study on Nigella Sativa and honey, and the results are remarkable!

(Again, no specifics were given on which honey to use)

He says in his country (Pakistan) they have a saying about Nigella Sativa: It cures everything but death!



Here is a fairly easy-to-read study summary: (HNS = Honey, Nigella Sativa)

“The mortality after 30 days was 18.87% for the control group and 4% for the HNS group”  INCREDIBLE!


This is what I bought for myself. After reading all about the awful taste I knew I could not just take it with a spoon. Maybe that’s why they include honey in the studies, because people can only swallow it in a spoon of honey?

Nigella Sativa: (available on Amazon)

For my weight, I will have to take 6 pills a day during treatment (described in FLCCC protocols), or 3 pills daily for prevention I saw a lot of complaints about how bad the oil tastes, so it had to be capsules for me.

Update: after taking these a couple of times with meals, I discovered this was NOT the way to go for me. I was experiencing incessant burping with – you guessed it – the most awful flavor. I read up on it and I discovered that capsules will stay longer in your stomach if combined with food, and this gives them time to disintegrate through the action of stomach acid and release their contents in your stomach, rather than in your small intestine. So I switched to taking these capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with water, and this solved the problem for me.


I am not a big fan of honey. I calculated how many grams I needed, then Googled how many tablespoons that would be: 3 tablespoons a day! That’s straight carbs! Not what I pictured myself eating to recover but, oh well. It’s just for 14 days per the treatment protocol, not part of the prevention protocol.

I looked around, and I found this: a honey made from Nigella Sativa pollen! That’s like winning the jackpot, I assume!  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LYE9PBM?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details

Update: this Nigella Sativa honey tastes very nice, with a subtle anise flavor.

This is what I am using for turmeric:


(Turmeric is recommended in the treatment protocol, but I don’t see it in the prevention protocol.)

I hope you all add these supplements to your Covid kit!

Be well, do well, stay well!