I was poking around the internet to find out more about olive leaf extract when I discovered an excellent article written by “Steph Sunshine”.

She tells of her personal Covid experience with taking olive leaf extract: “Olive leaf extract helped me keep my symptoms under control and recover more quickly.”

Here is Steph’s article, I highly recommend you read it:

Could Olive Leaf Extract Effectively Treat COVID-19?

I was curious how Steph determined the timing she describes in her article:

“Oleuropein is metabolized by your body in three hours. That means the virus can begin replicating again three hours after you take olive leaf extract, unless you take more. So I took one capsule every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. That included waking up in the middle of the night to take it.”

I contacted her to find out how she came up with this formula, and she shared with me this document from her research – what she is referring to is the number of minutes until the presence of the compounds (from extract) in the body reduces to negligible levels – you can see that on the minutes chart right in the introduction “Abstract and Figures”. The article is quite technical, but you can just look at the time chart shown in minutes.


If you would like to get in touch with Steph, you can message her on Facebook. here is her page:


Here is a proposed trial with an introduction about the properties of olive leaf extract:

“Olive leaf extract was previously reported in several in vivo studies for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, immunomodulatory and anti-thrombotic activities which is of a great benefit in the control of associated inflammatory cytokine storm and disseminated intravascular coagulation in COVID-19 patients.”


Olive Leaf Extract in Nasal Spray (No, I don’t know how to get it – yet!)

“The spray, which started to be used in Italy in February 2021 and in the TRNC [TRNC = Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus] in August 2021, is a product with natural ingredients produced from olive leaf extract. Olirin, whose brand selection was inspired by the word “olive” which means olive in English, has the status of “protective food supplement” because it is produced from completely natural ingredients.”:


A comprehensive look at the many benefits of olive leaf extract:

I found another protocol that includes olive leaf extract. I’m including it here to give an idea of possible dosages.

(I have not followed up on every part of this protocol, some of these items are on my list to research and compile data.)

This protocol comes from Maria Maricich. a chiropractor. She includes studies citations.

Here is her bio:


Here is her protocol:

COVID-19 Preparedness: A Doctor’s Advice

Update 11/24/21:

I decided to get this brand – I really like the marketing blurb, the percentage of active ingredients, and Spain!

Check out Total Olive, also available on Amazon.


I received the following anecdote from a friend.

“Hi Mimi,

I first learned about olive leaf extract from Dr M. My daughter A. had an ear infection when she was about six years old. She ended up on two rounds of antibiotics which gave her candida as a result of being on them. A couple of years later she got another one and when I went to see Dr M. I told him I was afraid to put her on antibiotics again. He took me out to his lobby area and he actually had bottles stacked up of Olive Leaf and told me that it is a natural antibiotic. He instructed me to give her, if I recall correctly, two capsules every four or six hours and it would handle the ear infection. Within 2 to 3 days it was totally gone. A. is now 37 years old and my whole family has been using olive leaf anytime we even start to feel a little off. I took a lot of it also when I had Covid.  We are definitely a family who has faith in that particular product.”

Be well, do well, stay well!