AAPS offers a booklet with clear instructions on what patients can do in terms of early treatment to manage a Covid infection.

On their page, they also offer a directory of doctors who will treat you by telemedicine with early treatment protocols.

Please note that they mention oxygen concentrators (when needed). These are machines that can be rented from a medical supply company with a prescription which you could obtain during a telemedicine consultation, to be used at home.

Here is the landing page for AAPS Covid Guidance:

Here is the booklet they offer for information and guidance: – it is 26 pages long and I recommend reading it in full!


Here is a list of symptoms included in the AAPS Covid Patient Treatment Guide above, page 10.

Please pay attention – this list is excellent!

Typical Symptoms You May Experience  (but keep in mind, not everyone has all of them):

• Runny nose, sneezing

• Sudden onset of marked fatigue

• Loss of energy, malaise

• Body aches, muscle aches, headaches

• Cough, though in COVID it is usually a dry cough. You may not produce

mucus (sputum). Color of sputum is not necessarily a reliable indicator

of severity or type of illness.

• If your cough is causing you to have increased shortness of breath or

interfering with your sleep pattern, this could mean the disease is


• Feeling “feverish,” even if fever (defined as temperature >101 degrees)

is not present.

• Chills at night

• Sudden onset of sweats during the day that are unrelated to exercise

• Loss of taste or smell (tends to occur after the other symptoms have

been there 1-3 days, but can occur earlier or later)

• Loss of appetite, nausea, GI upset

• Diarrhea may occur, though is not common. It can quickly lead to

dehydration and electrolyte imbalances when it does happen.

• After about day 5, when the inflammation gets worse, there is often

chest heaviness or tightness, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath.

• Drop in blood oxygen concentration (measured with a finger oximeter

you can purchase at your local pharmacy) indicates serious respiratory


• Rapid heart rate, palpitations

• Loss of focus, difficulty with concentration and memory

(The symptoms list above was included in my post “Covid Symptoms”)

Be well, do well, stay well!