Is your pharmacist trying to play doctor with you? Refusing to fill a prescription for Ivermectin?

It comes from arrogance and a misunderstanding of the laws concerning off-label prescriptions.

Off-label prescribing is not illegal, far from it. This article explains the basics:

My experience: I have found that a particular pharmacist within a chain such as CVS will refuse to fill the prescription, but another pharmacist in the same chain will have no problem with filling it. This particular scenario actually happened to me at Walgreens.

If you are going to make contact with a doctor practicing telemedicine (see this list of doctors) to get some Ivermectin, you will need to provide the name and phone number of the pharmacy you plan to use. You can find the right pharmacy by calling around and asking “I have a prescription for Ivermectin, do you have it in stock?”. You’ll find out quickly if the pharmacist says something like, “What is it for?”, that they will resist filling it.

If your current pharmacist has your prescription and is refusing to fill it, you have the right to move the prescription to another pharmacy. Make some calls, as above, and when you find a pharmacy that will fill it, you can have them call your former pharmacy and ask for your prescription. You give the new pharmacy the name and phone of the old pharmacy, and the prescription number if you have it. This can be within the same chain of pharmacies, or different pharmacies entirely.

Here is a list of recommended pharmacies that will fill your prescription:

Here is some advice on overcoming obstacles to filling your prescription:

Dr Tyson overcame the refusal by CVS to fill for his patients. This is how he did it:

Compounding pharmacies will not give you any trouble, but it takes longer to get your prescription filled. Their prices might also vary. Check online and make the calls before choosing your pharmacy.

For people in Florida, I know this compounding pharmacy will fill Ivermectin:

For people in NY, this compounding pharmacy on Staten Island will ship it to you overnight:

 Enexia Specialty Pharmacy

252 Port Richmond Ave

Staten Island, NY 10302

Phone: (718) 556-0942 x2

Mon – Fri: 9am – 7pm & Sat: 9am – 3pm

Also, don’t hesitate to order from India. My last order from All Day Chemist in December 2021 took 18 days to arrive, and the cost, including shipping, was $0.50 for each 3 mg. (I got 6 mg pills). Click below.

If you have no Ivermectin in your cupboard, do get a teleconsultation to get some quickly. I suggest you also order a larger amount from India to last you a while.

Be well, do well, stay well!