I am sharing below a video of Dr DeMello explaining his protocol and also stating how he protects his patients from vaccine side effects.

Please watch the video in order to understand his treatment and why he uses it.

I spoke with Dr DeMello today and asked him if it was OK for me to share the exact protocol for prophylaxis.

His answer:

Absolutely share my vaccine prophylaxis protocol with as many as you can. Even one person having an adverse effect is one too many.

I asked him about ordering the meds from him, or from other pharmacies.

His answer:

They can order from any source. I don’t make money from the packages. I earn money if the patient is treated successfully with my treatment. People are happy to pay after they have recovered. The local pharmacy is very happy for the work. It is best that some part of the treatment be under supervision of a physician. If people reach out and contact me, I will help them, whether they pay or not.

Dr DeMello said if someone wanted to be prepared for the vaccine, he would put together the following package:

Colchicine 300 tablets

Dexamethasone 0.5 mg 120 tablets

Diclofenac 50 mg 120 tablets

The Colchicine is anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting (to avoid myocarditis, strokes, heart attacks and other side effects resulting from clotting).

The Dexamethasone is a steroid anti-inflammatory.

The Diclofenac is an analgesic stronger than Tylenol.

The package price is $180 – $200.

Other pharmacies could be used – you could count up the number of pills needed, double it for your spouse and have some extra for your children as well. I have covered other pharmacy sources in another post here: https://solutionsbymimi.com/india-pharmacies/

Dr DeMello will get you the fastest delivery (one week).

With any orders from another country, there is a chance of your package being stopped by customs agents. This can be handled, but that is not guaranteed. Since this package does not contain Ivermectin, I would guess that it would not be stopped.

The protocol:

Colchicine alone should protect the patient from side effects. Diclofenac can be used for muscle pain.


2-0-0 for 5 days before vaccine   (after breakfast 2)

2-0-1 for 7 days after vaccine      (after breakfast 2, after dinner 1)

Colchicine could be extended for 30 days or more if needed – to be discussed with Dr DeMello – I believe that’s why he suggests such an abundant quantity. Also, he sends enough to treat a whole family if needed.

When to take Dexamethasone? Dr DeMello said to start taking it if things get out of hand. One could start it any day between day 3 and day 7 after being injected with the vaccine if symptoms are really bad: chest pain, colicky stomach pain, severe headaches, severe muscle pain.

Taking Dexamethasone on day 1 of the vaccine would impede the immune response to the vaccine – most people take the vaccine in hopes of obtaining some immunity.

Dexamethasone 0.5 mg:

2-2-2     x 5days   (2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 2 dinner/bedtime)  (the number of days can be extended to 7 or 10 days at this level, depending on severity)

2-0-2           x 3 days  (2 after breakfast, 2 after dinner)

1-0-1     x 2 days  (1 after breakfast, 1 after dinner)                           

(Very important to taper down the dosage with steroids)

Existing “spike protein” injuries (this could be post-Covid or post vaccine):

A few people have told me of severe hair loss after Covid. Dr DeMello suggests taking Colchicine. I asked him how this would work, he said it restores hormone balance. I asked him how Colchicine works to handle hormones? He said it reduces the inflammation in the brain at the level of the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary gland.

His prescription for hair loss:

1 tab Colchicine 0.5 mg  2-0-0 x 30 days.

Sometimes he will prescribe a steroid as well (dexamethasone), depending on the patient.

Dr DeMello has protocols, depending on the person, for Long Covid as well. (persistent cough, persistent brain-fog, etc.)

Dr. DeMello is available for consultations for prevention and for suggestions regarding the treatment of Acute Covid infection, or treatment around the vaccine or post Covid injuries or lasting effects.

He can be most easily reached on WhatsApp: +91-7718079507 (his preferred method of communication).

He can also be reached by email  darrelldemello@gmail.com

He also has a website https://www.darrelldemello.in/

Dr DeMello charges $150 for the first consultation, which can be a call or a video call ( patient’s choice), and $75 for subsequent consultations.

He will help you no matter what, so don’t hesitate to reach out to him (WhatsApp preferred).

Enjoy the video:

Update 9/6/22:

Another option, if you prefer, is offered by Early Covid Care Experts.

Who are these experts? Check them out here, you might recognize these famous names on the front lines of Covid care.

Here is the vaccination protocol to avoid damages:

OTC Medicines & Nutraceuticals to Prevent/Reduce COVID Post-Vaccination Side Effects

Note: I would personally use Dr DeMello’s protocol above. But I can see circumstances where someone might be rushed, or distrust any prescription medications, etc. so I offer this other resource as an alternative.


Be well, do well, stay well!