I chose the image for this post with the best intentions. It’s “JUST START”, because not starting to get prepared means you could end up unprepared for illness when (if) it happens. Don’t be that person.

Start with prevention:

Here is the summary for prevention from FLCCC. Skim it and continue reading below, then come back to it.

“Chronic” prevention means it keeps going: I don’t expect to stop this anytime soon.

At the moment, I take Ivermectin once a week. I might change it to twice a week if my exposure to people, indoor conditions, goes up. Certainly if I were to travel, I would take it twice a week.

If I were to travel or become more highly exposed, I would also take Colchicine per Dr DeMello’s protocol, so I have that on hand as well.

Also, note to double the Ivermectin dose and take a double dose twice in 48 hours if you had contact with someone you know is sick.

Where to get Ivermectin and how much?

If I had none at hand, if I were brand new at this and just getting started, I would want to be covered right away, just in case.

So, I would use a telemedicine doc (see post Directory of Docs) to quickly get a prescription for “prophylaxis”, meaning prevention. The docs will write a renewable script, that should cover you for 2 or 3 months. I would also order in bulk from India to save money, save the hassle of dealing with telemedicine docs and local pharmacy prices, and make sure I have enough on hand in case I get sick. How much is enough? For as long as you are on prophylaxis, plus I would say at least 15 doses for if you are sick (see post General Protocols, How Much to Order and decide how much you want.)

See post India Pharmacies for where to order and how it works.

Be well, do well, stay well!